Happy Christmas ………

At RBR legflow™ we know shopping for many people during Christmas can be stressful.  Whether you’re shopping for your husband, wife, mum, dad, children, bestie, or boss, getting the right gift is so important.

Thanks to online ordering, getting Christmas gifts is easier than ever. Whether it’s the latest games console; Sony PS5, Nintendo Switch OLED, and Microsoft Xbox Series X and Series S, with the top game like Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom, Hogwarts Legacy, or Diablo IV.  Or maybe a FitbitVersa 4, a Squishmallows Brock the Bulldog from John Lewis, or some delicious Hotel Chocolat Milk Chocolate Reindeer, there’s so many wonderful options.

So, when you’re sat there in your Christmas PJ’s, Christmas wrapping paper and ribbons filling you with festive joy, hoping that Amazon didn’t steer you in the wrong direction, and that the real Christmas message to think only of others, and of bringing great happiness to others, is received in the giving.

As Martin Lewis (Money Saving Expert – 15th November 2022) said; “Before giving, ask yourself: is my gift a help or hinderance?” Martins’ message was one of our disconnection from why we really give gifts. Maybe Martin has opened a new dialogue? As Martin said; ”We do tit-for-tat giving – which means people end up with tat.”

What if the Christmas gift you give can be shown to be supported by your wish for; Health, Wellness, Fun, Excitement, Enjoyment, and Love? If we take the “tat” out of the mix, and add; “Safety, Wellbeing, Peace of Mind, and Purpose.” Then you have the RBR legflow™.

Whether your gaming, flying off to your festive getaway, binge watching the latest box sets, or simply full of Christmas pudding, we must all be aware that (sadly) by being sedentary, we’re all at risk of potentially developing a Deep Vein Thrombosis.

This Christmas, let’s make it the best one ever. With Father Christmas reading your letters, seeing whose naughty and nice (and checking it twice), Christmas 2023 will be one of laughter, fun, and happy memories. 2024, well, if we work together to prevent loved ones’ developing a Deep Vein Thrombosis it has every chance of being a wonderful year.

From everyone at RBR legflow™ we wish you, your family, loved ones, friends and colleagues a very happy and memorable Christmas.