RBR active™ is embarking on an ambitious campaign raising awareness of the main signs of DVT. @real_seekHELP


The myth of “you get a DVT if you fly” is just that, a myth. There are many reasons and environments where the threat of developing a DVT are heightened.

The campaign aims to highlight that everyone regardless of age, gender, fitness levels, profession or geography is at risk of developing a blood clot. The campaign #seekHELP is built around making people aware of the key symptoms of a DVT.

There are 4 key signs to be aware of.


Excessive redness

Localised swelling


The #seekHELP campaign is being launched on social media, on seekhelp.co.uk, through local, national and international press, industry press, television, radio and through industry and health blogs.

Awareness and prevention will save lives from being lost because of Thrombosis. The campaign also highlights the fact that 80% of the time, not all 4 key signs are present, but this doesn’t mean that a DVT isn’t present.

For further information, please email seekhelp@rbractive.com

Please feel free to download the #seekHELP promotional literature and help us help the public, medical professionals, airlines, industry leaders, gamers and people who live sedentary lives understand how they can help themselves.

To download the #seekHELP poster, please click here.