Ozzy Osbourne revealed that he’s been dealing with blood clot

LOS ANGELES (CelebrityAccess) — After dropping out of a scheduled performance at Goldenvoice’s upcoming Power Trip festival, Ozzy Osbourne shared a health update with fans.

“Unfortunately, my body is telling me that I’m just not ready yet,” the 74-year-old rock artist shared with fans in announcing his decision not to perform earlier this month. “and I am much too proud to have the first show that I do in nearly five years be half-assed.”

Now, in an interview with co-host Billy Morrison on the SiriusXM radio show Ozzy Speaks, Osbourne revealed that he’s been dealing with blood clots.

According to Osbourne, he recently underwent a procedure to have filters, which stop blood clots from reaching important organs such as the heart and brain removed.

“So, on Monday I went to have it removed. The blood clots have jammed you all up. It’s just disappointment after disappointment. Just get this thing f****** done so I can go get on with my life,” Ozzy told Morrison during the interview.

The full interview on Sirius XM